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Oct 1, 2014

The Top 10 Places to Surf in the USA

The best beaches in the US to catch a good wave.
The best beaches to catch a wave
Surfing has become such a popular sport that many people base their vacations around catching the next wave. Whether one is a beginner or an experienced surfer, this list of top 10 best beach destinations in the USA to surf has something for everyone.

#10 New Buffalo Beach, Lake Michigan MI

Lake Michigan presents some surprising surf options for those living in the Midwest. New Buffalo beach in Michigan is a specialty surf venue that offers challenging fresh water waves that are best experienced during the winter.

#9 Narragansett Town Beach, RI

Narragansett Town Beach is great for beginners and well-known in New England as a top surf destination. Some local surfers advise waiting until evening to avoid the ever present crowds.

#8 Virginia Beach, VA

This Mid-Atlantic beach is finally loosening up its regulations, and many beginners come there destined for surf camps. Its famous hurricane storms usually draw more experienced surfers to the area.

#7 Montauk, Long Island NY

Surfers who want to perfect their skills in peace head away from the Hamptons, rent a beach house in Long Island and surf along the sleepy shores of Montauk.

#6 Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills

The Outer Banks area has a collection of beaches like Cape Hatteras and Corolla that draw surfers from all over the East Coast. Professional surf tournaments take place there annually, and surfers of all skill levels find the right waves for miles.

#5 Trestles, San Clement CA

Trestles is a legendary surf spot that all surfing enthusiasts feel the need to visit at least once. This is no tourist area, and one will not find a cute beach house to rent near the shore. However, it is an isolated gem with five star waves.

#4 Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA

The Surfrider Beach in Malibu has been a favored southern California surf spot since the 1960s. Surfrider has waves suitable for beginners at First Point and more challenging ones at Second Point.

#3 Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz CA

Santa Cruz is where surfing in the USA first became popular during the 1930s, and internationally recognized surf tournaments still take place there. After visiting the point breaks at Steamer Lane, one can stop in at the surf museum for a history lesson about the sport.

#2 Pipeline, Oahu HI

Hollywood has accurately portrayed Oahu’s North Shore as a great destination to surf. The Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore lives up to its reputation with lethal thirty foot waves set along a tropical background.

#1 Hanalei Beach, Kauai HI

Hanalei Beach is one of the best places to surf, and its stunning beauty also makes it one of the best beach destinations in the USA.
These beach towns with beautiful scenery,relaxed ambiance and challenging swells are some of the best places to surf.

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